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The Local Area

The Arise Orphan project office is on the same site as Kapumpe Christian Primary School. The majority of guardians and orphans supported by Arise live in three local communities; Kaniki Extension, Kamalasha and Kamfinsa.


Kaniki Extension is a rural, impoverished area connected by dirt tracks set back from main roads. Most homes are mud brick structures with tin rooves with families of varying sizes. Housing is interspersed with fields which are used for subsistence farming. There is a local government school in Kaniki attended by 1500 children, with 60+ children per class. There are few employment opportunities in the area.


Kamalasha is a rural, impoverished area located next to the Congolese border. The majority of homes in this area are small mud brick and thatched houses. The houses are in close proximity to each other and the area is densely populated. There is a close-knit sense of community. Approximately 50% of the population in Kamalasha is reported to be HIV positive. Unemployment is rife, with the main source of employment being piece work (occasional manual labour).


Kamfinsa is a rural, impoverished area situated behind an area that was once forest. It is nearly 10km from any main road and there is no regular means of transport to the community. Many of the houses are mud brick with either thatch or tin rooves. They are set at a distance from one another with forest land and fields for subsistence farming in between. During recent years, the government has been cutting the forest and selling the timber and this has made life increasingly difficult for the families in Kamfinsa. There is a basic school in the community however attendance is poor and teacher retention is a challenge.   

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