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Meet The Team

The Arise Team is made up of Zambian and British volunteers who work closely together to best support the guardians and orphans in the Arise project. 

The entire team take part in weekly visits into the community to see families supported by Arise. Lister and Agnes run the office, the weekly guardians’ meetings and our Foundations for Farming project. The team also run the weekly youth club. The team meet regularly to pray for families supported by the project.


Naomi photograph.jpg

Naomi is from the UK and leads the Arise team.


Arise - Co-ordiator Nissi Chama.jpg

Nissi is the Arise co-ordinator. She has worked with widows and orphans in various projects in Zambia prior to joining our team and is excited to share her knowledge with Arise.


Lister photograph.jpg

Lister is a social worker from Zambia and has worked with Arise (formerly KOP) for 10 years.


Agnes Photograph.jpg

Agnes lives in Kaniki and is one of the guardians that Arise supports. Agnes joined the Arise staff team in 2016 and is very knowledgeable about the local families.

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