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Meet The Staff

Miss Voice.JPG

Miss Voice

School Director

Naomi Voice is a teacher from the UK who began visiting Kaniki in 2005. She moved here in 2015 and is now the Director of Kapumpe Christian Primary School.

Mr Lunda
Head Teacher

Mr Lunda is a very supportive and committed head teacher. He brings much knowledge, passion and experience to the role. He is also pastoring a church in Ndola and working with other local aid projects to help people develop spiritually, physically and academically.

HT Mr Lunda_edited.jpg

Mr Chumvwa

Mr Chumvwa is an experienced teacher with much knowledge about Literacy. He has also worked with data systems and entry in other school s before joining Kapumpe. We are very grateful t have him with us.

Miss Kangoma

Miss Kangoma has been working at Kapumpe since the school began in 2014. She has taught in a number of different grades and knows the pupils and their families very well.

G1 Mrs Kawele_edited.jpg

Mrs Kawele
Grade 1

Mrs Kawele worked at Kapupme a number of years ago as an assistant teacher and we supported her through teacher training college. We are so happy that she decided to return to work at Kapumpe. She is a very creative and dedicated teacher.

Grade 2

Awaiting information

Pre-school Mr Chola_edited.jpg

Mr Chola
Grade 3

Mr Chola was the pre-school teacher at Kapumpe for a number of years. He relates well to the young children and enjoys helping all pupils to achieve.

Grade 4

Awaiting Information

G7 - Mr Simuyala_edited.jpg

 Mr Simuyala
Grade 5

Mr Simuyala is a very committed teacher. He moved to the local area to be able to better support his pupils by offering them extra tuition at weekends and in the holidays.

Miss Mwila
Grade 6

Miss Mwila is new to teaching. She is full of passion and has excellent commend of English. We are very pleased to have her as part of our Kapumpe team.

G2 Mrs Ngosa_edited.jpg

Miss Ngosa
Grade 7

Mrs Ngosa has been teaching for many years before she joined Kapumpe. She has also worked in business and brings much experience and teaching expertise to her role.


Doris Mwila is our school cook and cleaner. She is one of the guardians supported by Arise but this job enables her to support her family more.

Cook & Cleaner

Caretaker John.JPG

John Bwalya is the school caretaker and gardener. He has also received training in ‘Foundations for Farming’ and teaches this to the Arise guardians and Kapumpe pupils. John has one son at Kapumpe.



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