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About Kapumpe

Our Mission Statement

To provide a strong educational and Christian foundation that equips children for facing and overcoming the challenges of the future.

To be a model of excellence for schools in the Kaniki area, demonstrating stimulating methods of teaching and a holistic approach to caring for pupils.


Our School Motto:

We will hope in the Lord! We will walk and not faint. We will run and not grow weary. We will soar on wings like eagles! (Isaiah 40:31).


Kapumpe Christian Primary School opened in January 2014 with just one Grade 1 class. Since then Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been added as well as a Pre-School class. The plan is to increase the size of the school by one class each year until it reaches Grade 7, the final year of primary school in Zambia.


The school follows the Zambian curriculum to prepare children for life in Zambia and uses UK teaching methods to make learning engaging and interactive. A strong emphasis is placed on learning through play in the early years. There is a focus on developing independent thinking and problem solving throughout the school. We use a topic-based, cross-curricular approach to ensure learning is accompanied by application and relevant to pupils.


Children are taught in both Bemba, the local language, and English. They are encouraged to express themselves freely and enjoy being who God made them to be.


Kapumpe is a Bemba word which means 'Eagles' because we want all children to rise up from the poverty that entangles their lives; to gain a new perspective on life so they can soar! We provide an environment where these children can meet Jesus Christ and develop a personal relationship with Him.


By providing a well-rounded and stimulating education, the school is broadening the horizons of our children, giving them hope for the future and a solid Christian foundation.


We have a good working relationship with other local government and community schools and it is our hope that we can work together more in the future. We hope to help support and equip teachers at other schools as well and provide greater empowerment for the community.


Kapumpe Christian Primary School follows the Zambian curriculum. We teach the children phonics using the Jolly Phonics programme and use English as our language of instruction. The government requires all Grade 1 – 4 pupils in Zambia to learn in their local language. Most of our pupils speak Bemba at home, however this is not the case for everyone. There are 72 languages in Zambia and as a result, many people speak a little of different languages. There are limited resources in any of the local languages therefore our pupils read and write in English. At times, the content of the Zambian curriculum requires tools, materials and aids that are not readily available in Zambia. This presents a problem for us as well as other schools in Zambia.


We use resources designed for the British National Curriculum to support teaching and learning as well as interactive, learner centred teaching methods. All our lessons are delivered as part of a topic in order to set new learning in context where pupils have little experience of the wider world.

Our curriculum is delivered through a combination of class based teaching, outdoor learning and school trips.


Our foundation for learning is Jesus Christ. We relate concepts to biblical principles and verses of scripture to help our pupils learn about God. All our teachers have a relationship with Jesus Christ and naturally share truths about God through all school activities. 


If you are a teacher, or school interested in supporting or resourcing Kapumpe Christian Primary School in any way, please contact us:

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