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The London Marathon 2024


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Their Story...

It was 2018 when James first began to be aware of problems with his sight. He was sent to hospital where doctors ordered numerous tests, scans and lumbar punctures, trying to ascertain the cause of his sight loss. James' weight was also a problem; he was over 18 stone. James was told that his eye problems were due to a functional neurological disorder and he also had optic nerve damage.

James Morrison, a partially sighted runner took part in the London Marathon, on 21st April 2024, to raise money for Arise Kapumpe. He was supported by his guide runner, Ollie Harrison, who is a teacher at The Croft School in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

During Lockdown James managed to lose 3 stone but due to a family bereavement he became depressed and gained more weight. After joining a gym for a few months in April 2022, James began to take his training for fitness seriously but was bored on the treadmill! In May that year, having been introduced to a sighted guide, James did his first Parkrun (5k) in under 28 minutes. He was subsequently introduced to a running club and guided round a track. At a Parkrun the following week he met Ollie who encouraged him to do his first 10k run. In February 2023, James ran a half marathon in Brighton. In September he was told that his sight would only deteriorate and he was registered Sight Impaired.

Ollie, who grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon and is now a teacher at The Croft Preparatory School in the town, ran a marathon himself in 2022, and will be James' sighted guide for this year's London Marathon.

After hearing Naomi, the Director of the Arise Kampume Orphan Project, speak in her hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon in the Summer of 2023, James was inspired to raise money for the project through his running. The London Marathon was his first race raising money for the project in Zambia. James and Ollie are very grateful for all the support they recieved, and hope that you will be inspired to follow the progress of Arise Kapumpe. 

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