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After finishing school with support from Arise, Mukinda decided that he wanted to go to college to become a nurse. He loves to help others and sees that there is a great need for workers in the medical profession in Zambia. People are often getting sick and have very limited knowledge of treatment and disease prevention.

Currently Arise doesn’t have the capacity to send every pupil who finishes school to college or further training. We explained to Mukinda that in the future we would love to help Arise pupils more by providing the opportunity for them to attend college. We would want to see some evidence of commitment from these pupils to know that they were serious about completing further studies at college.

Mukinda has been spending his time doing piece-work; jobs such as weeding fields, selling crops for others and assisting in bush house repairs. After a few months, he visits the office to bring money he has earned and is able to save. He has started his own college fund! What an inspiration he is to others; not spending all the money he is given but saving some in order to further his education and arise from many of life’s challenges. Praise the Lord for giving Mukinda a spirit of perseverance!

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Ungi is one of the elderly guardians in our project. Ungi had not been able to do any work (selling vegetables) or go and look for food in the local bush because of her own poor health. She was also afraid of catching COVID-19 which she heard was in Zambia. She had been praying in the morning, telling God that she had no food for her family. In the afternoon Arise visited her to deliver some food. She was overjoyed.


Musa is one of the orphans that has been supported by Arise. Having begun his nursing training in 2016, Musa found out in 2019 that he had passed all of his units except one. Either that was the end of his dream of becoming a nurse or he could re-sit that unit in 2020. Musa is an excellent student with big dreams, so giving up wasn't an option for him.


He found out on 22nd September 2020, that he has now passed all his units and therefore completed his nursing training. Well done Musa! We are very proud of you. You are a great role model for Arise pupils still in school. 

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