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Building Project

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At the moment, Arise Kapumpe Orphan Project does not have a base to work or meet at.

We have been meeting temporarily at our community school which is now at full capacity and no longer has space for us. 

We need this block for 5 reasons:

1. Our orphans and their guardians need a place to come to when they need help and advice.

2. Our supporters send us donations and resources which need to be sorted ready to distribute.

3. Our guardians come to learn life skills and we need a place to teach them. 

4. Our orphans come to us to study and discuss their school progress.

5. We need a place to gather for discipleship and to grown into the people God made us to be in Zambia.

Arise Block 6.jpg
Arise Block 4.png

As always, we are very grateful for any and all support given to us

both financially and in prayer

Arise is a charity empowering orphans, vulnerable children and their guardians in Kaniki - a rural community in the heart of Zambia

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